So what even is copywriting? And do I need it (the answer is yes!)


So what even is copywriting? And do I need it (the answer is yes!)

So what even is copywriting? And do I need it (the answer is yes!) 1280 871

It’s a question we get asked quite regularly here at Solent “So what exactly is copywriting?”

Well, what it isn’t is anything to do with the legalities of copyright – which can be a common misconception. What it is, in a nutshell, is using the written word to persuade consumers to buy your product, visit your venue, go to your event and everything in between! As a full service marketing agency, we have an in-house copywriter who writes for our clients, ourselves and our publications.

It isn’t writing fiction, it is using fact to make your business stand out above the rest. Just as your website and brand identity do, copywriting is the voice of your business. The aim is to attract people to you and ultimately, result in a sale.

Copy itself can vary hugely, it can be the words in your latest advertisement campaign, the text on your website, as well as blogs and social media posts. And, in the days where ‘Content is King’, you need to speak to your audience in a way that is engaging and relevant and the message needs to be coherent across all your marketing materials.

Here our our top 5 reasons for including a copywriter in your marketing strategy:

#1  Having someone write your copy enables you to do what you do best. You have more time for your business.

#2 Your copywriter will be aware of current trends and how to include them in your posts in a relevant way.

#3 Knowing everything about your industry doesn’t always make for great copy. Sometimes, having someone take your technical jargon and convert it to a way that is palatable to a layman, makes your content easier to understand and more enticing to the consumer.

#4 Multiple formats. You can’t say the same thing in a blog post as you would in a Google Adwords advert. A copywriter will know the difference and be able to pull out the key messages and create readable content for all your platforms.

#5 No need to call the Grammar Police. Your copywriter will be writing copy that is easy to read, persuasive and correct. As a full service agency, we also offer proofreading so all our copy gets fully checked before it goes live.

To speak to us about how copywriting could help your business, give us a call on 556844.

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