Media Opportunities

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Media Opportunities

Outdoor media

We represent the outdoor media opportunities for Wightlink and Islandline Trains. Both offer amazing opportunities to communicate directly with valuable audiences, that often have a dwell time that allows advertisers to enjoy extended level of engagement.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of potential customers and talking to people as they travel around and to and from the Isle of Wight presents high value media potential. People are spending more and more time out of their homes working, shopping, socialising and visiting, so take advantage for your business and talk to us today about your requirements.

Wightlink outdoor media

Our website offers an unrivaled opportunity, being the most logical web address that potential visitors might try to use. Since summer 2012, has had a successful start and the constant development plan will see this grow considerably. Using Google Analytics for keyword research and analysing the behavior of users on the site, we are constantly receiving higher and higher numbers of page views with continuously improving bounce rates.

If you’re interested in advertising on the site, please give James Rolfe a call on 07495253785 to discuss your options.

Island Line tube cards

Island Line trains carry 1,400,000 passengers across the Isle of Wight and offers an unrivaled audience of visitors and residents. There has now been 140 years of this tried and tested media and with journey times of approximately 24 minutes, Island Line tube cards are ideal for high impact messages.

Island Line operates 2 trains at any one time, each comprising of two carriages. A third train is also kept on standby, should there be any reason for this to be called into action for maintenance etc. All three of these trains will be covered at all times during your campaign.

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