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Whatever the company, however big or small, brand guidelines are an essential tool when pulling together any communication. A guidelines manual essentially defines your brand – covering how your logo, fonts and colours should be treated to form a full visual identity.

With the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, we were looking to pull together comprehensive and cohesive set of guidelines from their existing marketing material and advertising. The strength and heritage in the typography was identified at an early stage and this became the basis of the guidelines. The application of iconic typeface Gill Sans, a British railway classic, is now used in a more minimal way than before to create a clear and punchy aesthetic.

As well as the typography, in order to ensure consistency, the treatment of the logo, use of colour palettes are also clearly explained within the guidelines. Some brand guideline manuals are over 100 pages long and others just four – it generally depends on the company in question. The Steam Railway’s guidelines will develop as we continue to define the company’s tone of voice, use of imagery etc.

  • Client Isle of Wight Steam Railway
  • Date 27th September 2016
  • Tags Graphic Design, Marketing

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