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Tim Addison, Director, Solent, Isle of Wight
Tim Addison, Director, Solent, Isle of Wight

Tim Addison

Managing Director

One of the directors of Solent, Tim heads up the client services side of the business as well as being the publisher for its titles. These include Wightlife magazine, the Cowes Port Handbook and Taste of the Wight. Much of the content used in Solent publications and client work has been written by Tim, who also enjoys illustrating (where he is capable) with his own photography, especially on our Instagram account.

Although he doesn’t shoot much video, he did happen to be the right person, in the right place, at the right time to capture this well-known video of a super tanker colliding with a racing yacht during Cowes Week in 2011 and is very pleased to have had well over 1 million views on YouTube as a result!

“It’s always good to sit down with a client and work out how we can best deliver some effective communication. Balancing print with online content and social media can be a bit of a juggling act, but very satisfying when it all hooks-up and works. It most instances we are able to improve performance and reduce overall costs for our clients.”

Since 2009 Tim has been back on the Island after a career in marketing and destination management. This included many years at the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, as well as being the Head of Tourism for London, working directly for the London Mayor and part of the London Development Agency’s economic development team. He was responsible for delivering the capital’s first tourism strategy in 2002: The Mayor’s Plan for Tourism.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have worked in some exciting jobs including a fantastically enjoyable time as the Director of Isle of Wight Tourism from 1997 here on the Island. It was a formative time for me and extremely rewarding.”

Tim was originally from Sandown on the Island, so like most kids was involved in the tourism industry almost from day one. Summer jobs included carrying bags for guests at the Royal Pier Hotel and trimming sweetcorn for Colin Boswell! These days he lives in Whitwell and has an unhealthy interest in old cars that require more money spending on them than they will ever be worth!

Currently he is Vice Chairman of Niton & Whitwell Parish Council, on the project board for the restoration of Newport Minster and was previosuly Secretary of the British Marine on the Isle of Wight.

Tim’s dog Bow is a valued member of the team at Solent!

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